Her speech bored me.

I could do with some rest.


The day turned out wet.

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Stay tuned. We'll be right back.

Are we going to help them?

You're going to need a bigger boat.

The responsible persons are going to carry on in the same old way.

When will we arrive?


"Why didn't I think of that?" "Because you're an idiot."

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That wasn't the problem.

Olaf kept his father's notes.

I met him about noon.

You need some air.

This is the last warning.


You should get moving.

In Bali, the intergenerational forgetting of names is institutionalized. A woman will be known by her given name to peers. When she bears a son, the boy's age-mates will refer to her as "the mother of so-and-so."

Pablo parked his car in front of Calvin's house.

You are funny.

Bill was killed by an intruder.


He made mistakes.

Kerry has a picture of Kaj in his wallet.

Joon watched admiringly.

I think I'm getting a cold.

You don't have to speak so loudly. I can hear you very clearly.

The great blue whale is the largest animal to have ever existed.

Kevin has bought a diamond ring and is going to pop the question to Kim tonight.

I liked Tony.

She was unable to completely give up her dream of traveling abroad.

What're you saying?

No, Yumi put it in a thermos flask and brought it into the club room.

Who would want Andries dead?

We didn't need to call the doctor.

I got up at six this morning.

I'd like you to take this.

Don't blame me for your mistakes.

I looked into the incident.

Al Capone was finally sent away for tax evasion.

That was such a wonderful movie.

You're what?

Isn't there anything you can do to help?

Natraj is lying asleep.

This kind of proposal can't be rejected.

I can't believe I forgot about this.

Wes arrived thirty minutes late.

He was all alone in the room.

Why is Krzysztof afraid of Alejandro?


I come to school by bus.

Rusty hates opera.

This bus will take you to the airport.

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Louie wanted to give No some earrings for her birthday.

Wait here for a while.

"Joyce, you translated this, right?" "Yeah, why?" "What's 'modemism'?" "I dunno, but it was written in the text." "Really?" "Really! Take a look!" "Ah, wait, but it says 'modernism'!"


Music moves the feelings.

I found one.

Per's concerned.


It doesn't matter whether he agrees or not.

Your message has been received.

Shuvra acknowledges that he was defeated.

I love the way you look at me.

The old law about 'an eye for an eye' leaves everybody blind.

Izchak and Pam voted for John.

It's really hot.

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Dory left me in control.

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I say "Hi, friend.".

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I'm doing very well.

That's what I'll do.

David has just published a new book on philosophy.

I do what is best for my country.

She naturally sacrificed everything for the sake of raising her children.

Butler has no chance of winning.

You're a compulsive complainer.


Would you buy that?

Can you get help for her?

When did you come over to France?

Ben was listening intently.

I bought a new dress.


Kirsten caught Mariou's eye.

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Marilyn Monroe died when she was 36 years old.


Something's terribly wrong.

Danger comes soonest when it is despised.

"Are you serious about getting married?" "I don't know, Ramesh, are you serious?"

I'm listening to your heartbeat.

Marty seemed troubled.

The street is free from snow now.

They kidnapped me, drugged me, and then brainwashed me.

I googled "knife and fork" and "fork and knife" to see which got more results.

He wasn't sleeping when I came home.


She showed a knack of insults.

We find ourselves in the twilight of our civilization.

Our store isn't open.

McKinley demanded an immediate ceasefire in Cuba.

Her only desire is to see him again soon.


I didn't know that man was your friend.

Shuvra almost got hit by the ball.

That's why we are here.


In water, wood will float and stone will sink.

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Stephen bugs everyone.


All that which is invented, is true.


It is difficult for me.

What exactly are you going to do?

It gets quite cold in the winter.

Fritz is pushing the envelope.

We played together every day when we were kids.

I thought it might be worth something.

I thought we had something to give to Shutoku.

A single person produces more meat than I expected.

I'm not dying.

Why do you permit it?

Kyu's horse reared suddenly and threw him.

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How did that make you feel?

Marie's coming.

A very well known wine is produced in that region.

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We really have to be more tolerant.

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Just give me a little privacy.

When was this university founded?

The best way to improve English quickly is lots of practice.


None of us have been to Hawaii.

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When were you there?

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The rope was a couple of meters too short.


I'll just have to risk it.

If you want to have an attractive personality, you need to have a good head on your shoulders.

Who sings the best of all the boys in your class?

Give me one more.

I've never seen Sabrina acting like this before.

This is where you're wrong.

Takeuchi did a handstand.

Don't beat around the bush; tell me who is to blame.

You've got nothing to complain about.

Terri went right to sleep.

He accused us of wronging him.


He did not disappoint me.

Give me two black shirts.

Where's your date tonight?


He pushed it down my throat.

Relations are tenuous as peace talks resume between warring factions.

The journalists had a field day with the presidential scandal.

You should not stay up too late.

Where else would you like to go?

When I get the milk out of the fridge, I close the fridge door by giving it a shove with my elbow. How do you do it?

There always seems like there is something to do.

Drew smiled reassuringly.

Who's that guy with the mustache?

Hunter likes helping others.

Coleen warned me to stay away from Duane.

Religion is too important a matter to its devotees to be a subject of ridicule. If they indulge in absurdities, they are to be pitied rather than ridiculed.

I'll have you home in time for dinner.

He provided them with food.

We walked on the banks of the Thames.

Can elephants sneeze?

Earl told me I didn't have to talk to you.

Was anybody with you?

Think about your goals.


I'm pretty sure Rhonda doesn't know I'm here.

This is a limited time offer to new customers only.

She prefers to sew, and wishes neither to walk nor to sit in the garden.


It finally dawned on me what Serdar meant.


It's clear that he's at home.

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I'm accustomed to getting up early.


What's-his-name was in church today.


We've got a serious problem here.

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All of these sports and many others are dominated by the human urge to aim at something.